Oral Session

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Day 1 20 October 2021, Wednesday Time : 1515 - 1700

Chair: Dr. KS Chin,City University, Hong Kong / mekschin@cityu.edu.hk
C02-P01-01 How to build Brand-driven Operating Strategy under uncertain timesWang Lin (China)
C05-P01-01 Unlocking the benefits of alternative dispute resolution in enhancement of change management for construction projects in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region from the project management

Lam Wai Pan, Wilson (Hong Kong)
C07-P02-01 Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness in CEAT Supply Chain

Anirudha Karnataki (India)
C10-P01-01 A study on issues to be addressed in BCP in hospitals using COVID-19 as a case study

Sae Iwata (Japan)
C10-P02-01 Evaluation of the crisis awareness and behavioral changes of medical staff
in emergencies

Chisato Kajihara (Japan)

Chair: Mrs. Sarika V. Joshi, Smart Quality System Solutions, India / sarikavjoshi75@gmail.com
C02-P04-01 Development and Application of Intelligent Early Warning System for quality risk of vehicle
supply chain

Huang Xun (China)
C04-P03-01 Application of Quality Strategies to improve lives of children without parental care-Case Study

Sunil Thawani (UAE)
C07-P04-01 Implementing Enterprise Risk Management in Engineering & Projects To Build Resilience across Projects

Arun Kumar (India)
C07- P04-02 Ensuring Workforce Safety & Business Continuity by mitigating COVID-19 Risk at TSL inside workplace

Shikhar Kaushi (India)
C07-P04-03 Relentless pursuit to build safety competency of workforce on hazard identification and risk assessment to achieve zero harm at TaTa Steel

Neeraj Kumar Sinha (India)
C07-P04-04 Safety standard knowledge dissemination to TaTa Steel Ltd India workforce through simplification & E Learning modules

Anjali Ghosh (India)

Chair: Ms. Fan Qing , China Association for Quality (CAQ), China / fanqing@caq.org.cn
C10-P05-01 Comparative survey of the effect of Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification

Naoki Kono (Japan)
C15-P04-01 Enterprise Risk Management-An Enabler to Protect and Pursue Value in VUCA World

Roy Rimington (Singapore)
C17-P04-01 Preventing and Controlling the COVID-19 Pandemic at Vinamilk Company

Nguyen Quoc Khanh (Vietnam)
C17-P04-02 Applying Wastewater Surveillance Program for tracking COVID-19 infections in the community at Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and provide early warning of cases

Lien Nguyen Thi Hoang (Vietnam)
C11-P05-01 Development of CCTV Based Smart Safety Management System In Thermal Power Plants

Ho Jun Song (Korea)

Chair: Dr. Puah Chum Mok , Biomax Green Pte Ltd, Singapore / cm.puah@biomaxgreen.com
C02--P06-01 Analysis on Application Status quo and Influencing Factors of Digital Platform about Lean Healthcare ManagementYe Chumin (China)
C02-P06-02 Medical Management: DRGs-based Inpatient Medical Service Performance Evaluation and Implementation Path

Zhang Chunyan (China)
C15-P10-01 Applying Effective Integration of QA Practices Into ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices-QMS To Enhance Its Effectiveness

Johnson Tan Swan San (Singapore)
C10-P06-01 Statistical analysis of influenza spatial transmission pattern in Kanto region using pharmacy sales data

Keitoku Yoshino (Japan)
C10-P06-02 Development of simulator for designing reservation framework in physiological function test

Jisen Deng (Japan)
C10-P06-03 A study of factors affecting the implementation of advanced care planning

Risako Takayama (Japan)

Chair: Dr.Nik Chong, Institute For Strategic Communication, Singapore / nik@institute.sg
C02-P17-01 Exploration and Practice Of Digital Transformation By Chinese Enterprises In Order To Meet Consumer Demand

Jian Qiong (China)
C07-P17-01 Digitization of Sales and Channel Experience

Ritesh Arora (India)
C07-P17-02 To enhance the dealer satisfaction through Same Day Delivery (Service Level Agreement) Model

Manohar Sethpalani (India)
C10-P17-01 An improved RFM model used to analyze the user's lifetime valueXianhong Jiang (Japan)
C10-P17-02 Dual-sided Causal Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling -Principal Component as a Catalyst in Causal Analysis

Takenori Takahashi (Japan)

Chair: Mr. Nicholas Kow, Singapore Quality Institute (SQI), Singapore / nkowk@yahoo.com.sg
C10-P18-01 Analysis of customer purchasing behavior by RFMC Measures - Prediction of Purchase, Churn Rate, Customer Lifetime Value

Shodai Toyoshige (Japan)
C10-P18-02 Improving the accuracy of Collaborative Filtering using Propensity Score

Yuya Chizuwa (Japan)
A study on recommended system by evaluating the recommendation effect of individual intervention

Taichi Imafuku (Japan)
C10-P23-01 Explaining and predicting the adoption intention of Industry 4.0 technologies:
Empirical research based on Japanese supply chain companies

Tong Xu (Japan)

Chair: Mr. J. Ravikant, SRF Limited, India / jravikant@srf.com
C07-P19-04 Reducing Energy Consumption Using Optimization and Machine Learning Technique

Rajeev Kumar Malhotra (India)
C07-P19-05 Prototype On Remote Process Interference

Abhilash Agnihotri (India)
C07-P19-06 Commissioning of Full Body PPE Detection System To Ensure Work-Safety Compliance inside TaTa steel

Chandan Kumar Yadav (India)
C07-P19-07 Catch -a-fugual-Digitizing the floor the TPM way

Rakesh Kumar (India)
C07-P22-01 Reliability & Maintainability: Transforming Operation & Maintenance and achieving excellence through Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Parshuram Mishra (India)
C10-P19-01 Discriminant T-method and its application
Shota Nakayama (Japan)

Chair: Dr. Chen Huayi, Intertek Testing Services (S) Private Limited, Singapore / Huayi.chen@intertek.com
C02-P20-01 Exploration and Practice of "Digital Quality Management" By Enterprises Under The Background of Intelligent Manufacturing

Wang Jianxin (China)
C02-P20-02 Exploration and Practice of Digital Quality

Cheng Xunlu(China)
C02-P20-04 Quality Assurance System of Prevention In Advance

Li Hongjun (China)
C02-P20-05 Total Quality Management Based on Interconnected Factory

Dou Mingying (China)
C02-P20-06 Exploration of User Satisfaction under Win-Win Ecosystem

Yang Yong (China)
C11-P20-02 Blockchain-enabled Open Quality System In Industry 4.0 era: Research challenges and Application

Shujaat Ali (Korea)
C03-P20-01 The Study of Service Quality for Venture Capital Industry during the COVID-19 Pandemic In Taiwan

Ning-En Chang (Taiwan, R.O.C.)

Chair: Ms. Lang Fei, China Association for Quality (CAQ), China / langfei@caq.org.cn
C02-P20-13 Application of Quality Control Circle In Improving The Delivery Rate of The First Batch of Finished Infusion on time in Pharmacy Introvenous Admixture Service Centre.

Zhu Xiumei (China)
C02-P20-14 Application of Quality Control Ring In Improving The Rate of Performing Step Puncture of Arteriovenous Internal Fistula In Blood Purification Nurses

Li Yang (China)
C02-P20-15 Application of QFD Innovative Quality Control Circle To Improve The Efficiency of Outpatient Appointment

Zuo Haiyan (China)
C02-P20-16 Investigation and Analysis on Application of Quality Engineering Technology In Chinese

Wang Lu (China)
C02-P20-17 Maturity Evaluation of an Organizational Quality Management System: Model, Methods and Values

Li Xiaofei (China)
C05-P20-01 Preliminary Study on Gamification of Extension Innovation Method

Kim-Hung, Lotto (Hong Kong)

Chair: Mr. Deepak Kulshrestha, Indian Society for Quality, India / kdeepak@tqmi.com
C07-P20-01 Supplier Consolidation to Optimize Cost, Improving Efficiency & Supplier Relationship

Vishal Khanorkar (India)
C07-P20-02 Quality 360 - A Quality Maturity Measurement Model to Evaluate and Enhance Effectiveness of Quality Management Systems

Binod Kumar Satpathy (India)
C07-P20-03 Self certification & Process improvements: A key for higher Productivity & Build Quality Culture

Vivek S. Pathak (India)
C07-P20-04 Entropy Law and Quality Management System: An approach to understand degradation of Quality Management System
Based on the Entropy Law and Development of Action Plan to Negate Degradation

Shrihari Mandaogane (India)
C07-P20-05 Digital Audit: Technology at the forefront in enhancing Quality Management at L&T Construction

M.Umasankar (India)
C11-P20-03 Exploring Factors on Residents' AMI Acceptance : A Focus on Information Privacy Concerns and Perceived Electricity Usage Habits

Do-Hyeon Ryu (Korea)

Chair: Professor, Kwang-Jae Kim, Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea / kjk@postech.ac.kr
C07-P20-11 Reduction in early warranty claims through cut tyre rating improvement

Jignesh Sharda (India)
C07-P20-10 Improvement Interventions-Partnering with Tata Companies in their Journey of Excellence

Devraj Chattaral (India)
C07- P20-15 One Stop Solution for Enterprise Quality Management System

Shankar Prasal Senguptal (India)
C10-P20-01 Appropriate customer definition and analysis in education towards achieving school excellence
Nursuhana Alauddin (Japan)
Nursuhana Alauddin (Japan)
C10-P20-02 Prediction of intention to extend using cluster correspondence analysis with objective

Hayato Shimazaki (Japan)
C10-P20-03 A study of diversity analysis model for cooking receipes based on embeddings

Koutarou Yamashita (Japan)

Chair: Mr. Jeremy Tein Keng Leong, Singapore Quality Institute (SQI), Singapore / jerem-y@live.com
C15-P20-01 Applying Quality Planning from the Juran Trilogy in successfully launching a new premium children product brand in a highly regulated and matured market sector
Cheong Kah Leong (Singapore)
C15-P20-02 Applying Approach-Process-System-Review Model of EduTrust Certification Scheme to Plan-Do-Check-Act Model of ISO Management System: An Application To Quality Management In Private Education Industry In Singapore

Christina Sim Siew Keow (Singapore)
C16-P20-01 Modification of master frame components in the mold of EPS foam injection machines to reduce Cycle Time

Thanakom (Thailand)
C17-P20-05 Applying ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21001:2018 Standard To Be Recognized as a Student-Centric Organization through value-based Quality Education - A Case Study In VietnamNgo Van Nhon (Vietnam)
C17-P20-02 The Trends of structure and Quality Management in the supply chain of Livestock and Poultry Meat in Vietnam, the Current Situation and IssuesDo Thi Ngoc (Vietnam)
C17-P20-06 Testing Quality Management Solutions Vocational Colleges to build Quality Management System In Vietnam
Le Hoang Vu (Vietnam)

Day 2 21 October 2021, Thursday Time: 1300 - 1500

Chair: Dr. Puah Chum Mok , Biomax Green Pte Ltd, Singapore / cm.puah@biomaxgreen.com
C10-P06-04 A Study of Hospital Outpatient Nurses' Anxiety and Complaints
about the Support System
Kei Ishida (Japan)
C10-P06-05 Quantification of burden of care service

Daiki Nishishita (Japan)
C10-P11-01 Extracting changes in user preferences for travel

Yui Matsuki (Japan)
C02-P12-01 Exploration on the Construction of Excellent Management in the Front-line Teams of manufacturing

Li Weixiao (China)
C07-P12-01 Creating in-house Designed leadership Competence Model.

Kunjvihari Jandhyala (India)
C10-P12-01 A study on OOD Detection based on Generative Models trained for each discriminant class
Ryota Matsunae (Japan)

Chair: Ms. Fan Qing , China Association for Quality (CAQ), China / fanqing@caq.org.cn
C02-P15-01 Application of AI Vision Technology in House Appliances

Hu Tinglan (China)
C02-P16-01 Quality System Practical Experience Base on Intelligent

Lu Fating (China)
C02-P16-02 Application and Implementation of Degital Quality System

Yuan Zhongquan (China)
C07-P16-01 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for QI

Milind A Deshpande (India)
Reliability & Maintainability: Transforming Operation & Maintenance and achieving excellence through Reliability
Centered Maintenance (RCM)
Parshuram Mishra (India)
C07-P20-02 Quality 360 - A Quality Maturity Measurtement Model to Evaluate and Enhance Effectiveness of Quality
Management Systems
Binod Kumar Satpathy (India)

Chair: Dr. S.P. Mandaogane, Tata Motors Limited, India / mandaoganeshrihari@gmail.com
C07- P16- 03 Practical implementation of IIoT based solutions in complex manufacturing environment

Sarika V Joshi (India)
C07-P21-01 Time series analysisfor establishing causal relationship of meteorogical factors with output AAQ

Vamsi Sai Krishna (India)
C10-P15-01 Failure tendency analysis of breaking ball using Trackman data

Yu Takezaki (Japan)
C10-P15-02 An improved method for estimating conditional average treatment effects taking account of selection bias based on causal tree

Yuki Tsuboi (Japan)
C10-P15-03 Store analysis using Latent Representation of Robust Variational Autoencoder based on sales history data

Ryogo Okubo (Japan)

Chair: Dr Uwe H Kaufmann, Managing Director
Centre for Organizational Effectiveness ▪ COE Pte Ltd , Singapore / uwe@coe-partners.com
C10-P15-04 A Node Sharing Learning Method for Deep Neural Networks in multi-Label Classification

Kodai Ishikura (Japan)
C10-P15-05 Construction of evaluation model considering fashion trend of fashion coordination

Saori Shibasaki (Japan)
C10-P16-01 A new anomaly detection method based on multivariate threshold exceedance models

Ryo Nezaki (Japan)
C16-P16- 01 Application of IoT Systems to control the level of EPS in Silos

Apiwat Hiranpradit (Thailand)
C19-P15-01 Leveraging Big Data Analytics Framework for Quality Analytics

Ming Hock Yew (Australia)
C10-P21-01 Robust search system with synonym dictionary for incident analysis

Tomoaki Hino (Japan)

Chair: Mr. Manohar Sethapalani, QBM (Business Excellence) Ceat Ltd, Mubai / Manohar.Sethpalani@ceat.com
C02-P19-01 PFMEA Applied In Intelligent Manufacturing Practice In The Manufacturing Industry 4.0

Zhu Shenglei (China)
C02-P22-01 Application Practice of Reliability Accelerated Test Technology In Home Applicance Industry

Zhang Zhenkai (China)
C02-P22-02 Scientic Technology Helps Quality Improvement-advance In Internal Bladder of The Water Heater

Zhang Xiaodong (China)
C07-P19-01 Reduction in Plastic Usage for Finished Goods Packaging

Bhuoinder Khera (India)
C11-P19-01 Traceability Scorecard-A Performance Evaluation System For Smart Manufacturing

Andita Meilyana (Korea)
C10-P19-08 Educational program for comprehensive design methodology using virtual process

Akira Ogawa (Japan)
C15-P22-01 Latent Past Determine The Future Reliability Performance
Hum Tee Yeow (Singapore)

Chair: JIN Lu, Associate Professor, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan.
C10-P19-02 Mahalanobis-Taguchi Method for anomaly detection and classification

Kentaro Honma (Japan)
C10-P19-03 A consideration of the Recognition Taguchi Method Using High-Dimensional Principal Component Analysis

Ryo Asano (Japan)
C10-P19-04 Efficient selection of additional experimental points in the search for the optimum points

Hiromu Kato (Japan)
C10-P19-05 The adaptation of Mahalanobis-Taguchi method to interval scale

Hiroki Iwamoto (Japan)
C10-P19-06 Optimal age replacement policy for multi-unit systems considering maintenance time

Kentaro Fujioka (Japan)
C10-P19-07 Joint maintenance and load-sharing optimization for systems with workload-dependent deteriaration

Ryoya Ashizawa (Japan)

Chair: Dr. Nguyen Thi Hoang Lien, Vietnam Quality Association of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / liennguyenhoang@yahoo.com
C10-P24-01 Trueness of binary data measurement

Shun Kiuchi (Japan)
C10-P24-02 Measurement precision with binary data assuming a beta-binomial distribution for measurement result

Ryoji Kimachi (Japan)
C15-P24-01 Applying Effective Colour Measurement Systems To Enhance Product Quality and Consistency

Nullasivam Viswam (Singapore)
C10-P25-01 A discussion on improving fraud detection performance by Generative Adversarial Networks Transactions

Guanyu Yang (Japan)
C10-P25-02 A study on Community Analysis taking account of user preferences and network structure

Linxin Song (Japan)
C10-P25-03 A study on Ensemble Learning Model with Interpretability

Taiga Yoshikawa (Japan)

Chair: SANO Masataka, Associate Professor, Takushoku University, Japan
C10-P25-04 Application of selective dual-sided causal analysis and structural equation modeling in online survey

Sho Kawasaki (Japan)
C10-P25-05 Analysis with less computational complexity for 2-level supersaturated designs of large size

Kyosuke Kitagawa (Japan)
C10-P25-06 A note on superimposed renewal processes

Watalu Yamamoto (Japan)
C10-P25-07 New proposals of empirical methods of estimation for the shape function in degradation processes

Takuya Fushihara (Japan)
C10-P25-08 A study on promoting the use of food and beverage shops in movie theaters based on Latent Class Logit Model

Tomohiro Kimura (Japan)
C10-P25-09 New Method of Point and Interval Estimation for the Tweedie Exponential Dispersion Process with All Power ParameterRenta Yamamoto (Japan)
C10-P25-10 A study of semi-sequential Bayesian optimal design of accelerated life tests Motoji Kawai (Japan)

Chair: Ms Fan Ziwen, China Association for Quality (CAQ), China / fanzw@caq.org.cn
C02-P20-08 Exploration and Practice of "The City Of Reputation"

Zhang Guangwei (China)
C02-P20-09 Specific Practice of SQI In Primary Education

Li Hong (China)
C02-P20-12 Application of Mixture Design In The Formulation of Electrode Coating Solution

Wang Dengxue (China)
C11-P25-01 Multi-Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Hourly Station-Level Public Bike Demand Prediction

Jinju Kim (Korea)
C11-P25-02 Drivers affecting the switching intention of Internet-only Banks In Korea.

Junsung Park (Korea)
C11-P25-03 New Strategies of Smart Grid as Smart Energy In Future Smart City

Hyojoo Koo (Korea)

Chair: Dr. Devraj Chattara, Tata Business Excellence Grouo (TBExG), India / dchatturaj@tata.com
C07-P20-07 Case Study of Initiatives undertaken or Inspector Capability Improvement for substaining Nil OEM Line Rejections in Appollo Tyres Limited, Kerala Plants.

Sunil.P.Mathew (India)
C07-P20-08 Engineering Dimensional Quality Management (E-DQM)

Kaushik Biswas (India)
C07-P20-09 Redefining Customer Experience During COVID-19 Pandemic

Roopesh Srivastava (India)
C07-P20-14 Anomaly detection tool development for Quality Management

Sristy Raj (India)
C07-P20-13 Digital Transformation of Internal Audit through Data Analytics

Girish Chandra Kabra (Indian)
C07-P20-12 BEMI-SMART Tool to qualitatively measure effectiveness of Business Excellent initiatives deployed at an organization

Kunal Pareek (India)

Chair: Dr. Roy Rimington, Asia Management Services LLP, Singapore / asiamanagementservices@gmail.com
C10-P20-04 A study on the effect of Total Quality Management in Thailand's Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Hideo Suzuki (Japan)
C10-P20-05 A study on Algorithmic Construction of Two-Level Nonregular Designs with Strength Three

Arata Ueda (Japan)
C15-P20-05 The elephant in the room:Where is HR in ISO 9001?

Nik Chong (Singapore)
C14-P20-01 Model of dual management in company scale

Vadim Lapidus (Russia)
C14-P20-02 Health Management - Training Programme for personalized health management on the example of Khanty-Mansiysk Clinical Tuberculosis Dispensary

Igor Pundel (Russia)
C15-P20-06 Streamlining Laboratory Supply Chain through Lean Six Sigma Methods

Hugo Gerald Schmidt (Singapore)

Chair: Dr. Ngo Van Nhon, Vietnam Quality Association of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / vqa.hcm@gmail.com
C16- P20- 02 Carbon Neutrality: New challenge of Industrial Competitiveness

Theerawat (Thailand)
C17- P20- 03 Customer Journey Mapping at Lo Gom Apartment In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Phuong Uyen (Vietnam)
C18- P20 -01 An exploration of the organizational excellence architecture required to support an award-wining business excellence journey

Robin Mann (New Zealand)
C20- P20- 01 Lean Six Sigma Development in Business Process outsourcing industry in the Philippines

Rey B. Fremista (Philippines)
C21- P20- 01 Clean and lean: Some verification and valdation ideas

Zigmund Bluvband (Israel)
C11-P20-01 Towards Quality Substainability: Arama Asia Quality Management Leads Industry 4.0 Implementation within Quality Field in Asia Pacific

Yousef A. Rayes (Korea)