Invitation Message

The 19th ANQ Congress 2021 International Conference Chairs

Mr. Tan Gheng Een

Chairman, Singapore Quality Institute

Invitation Message from Chairman, Singapore Quality Institute

On behalf of Asian Network for Quality and Singapore Quality Institute,  it is my honour and pleasure to invite you to join us at the 19th ANQ  Congress 2021 to be held in Singapore on 20th and 21st October 2021.

Due to the uncertain COVID-19 situation, that has resulted in a very unpredictable travel restriction for most countries and because of the still unknown situation, we are offering on-line participation to the event via Zoom Conferencing.

The Main Theme of the Congress is:

“Relentless Pursuit of Quality in a VUCA World”

 (VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)

The increasingly fast-changing, uncertain, and complex landscape in which we operate, one with new challenges of technology, globalisation and changing workforce demographics, leaves more unknown than ever before and moves at continued pace, changing the playing field altogether. It’s important that organisations today change, flex and adapt to the challenges of the VUCA world to succeed, although many businesses felt uncomfortable at the prospect of change. 

The Congress aims to bring together leading academicians, quality professionals, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Quality. We invite you to join us and be among the winners in  the quality fraternity.

For those who are interested in sharing your expertise, we encourage you to contribute your work around the main theme. Alternatively, the proposed topics listed in the Call for Paper may be considered as well.

Paper submission and abstracts are invited and are accepted in either oral or poster presentation formats. In this congress, we will have online submissions and online registrations, managed by our technical and logistics committees. Please check within this website for abstract submission details, including deadline for submissions.

The congress would honour and award organisations with Best Practices and Service Excellence across Asia. The congress is also awarding the best individual for remarkable contributions to the field of quality. We welcome country representatives to come forward with your best recommendations.

We look forward to seeing you at the ANQ Congress 2021 and wish you all the best.

With Best Regards,

Mr. Tan Gheng Een


Mr. Neo Wei Woon

Chairman Organising Committee, 

ANQ Congress 2021

Honorary Secretary, 

Singapore Quality Institute

Invitation Message from Organising Committee Chairman, ANQ Congress 2021

Greetings from ANQ Congress 2021 Organising Committee Chairman. We are living in unprecedent times. Never has the world being so disrupted by an event that curtains our freedom of life and processes at work. The current global pandemic situation demonstrated to us the fragile eco-system that we are living in, and at the same time, how adaptable and resilient human beings are to continue our fight in this VUCA world.

We will never work in the same way again and it is imperative that all industries must change and adapt to the new norm at work. This will eventually put the quality management processes into test and we must continue to evolve during this disruptive period in order to stay relevant, effective and efficient.

It is now ever more important to lift the standard of quality across all industries as it continue its transformation, accelerated by the pandemic. It takes courage to take on this uphill task in all of us and the pursuit is righteous.

Collectively, we can come together as a team, to embrace the changes, ride the waves and achieve higher quality success for Asia.

With Best Regards,

Mr. Neo Wei Woon


The 19th ANQ Congress 2021 Keynote Address

Ms. Choy Sauw Kook,

Director-General (Quality & Excellence)

of Enterprise Singapore

Address 1

Key trends of digitalisation, sustainability and resilience have impacted our efforts to build quality and trust in enterprises, products and services. Standards and conformance (S&C) play an integral role in helping enterprises to differentiate themselves through quality and capturing new opportunities. Singapore is further enhancing its quality infrastructure to address these trends, through active participation at international S&C fora and building the testing, inspection and certification sector to meet the future needs of enterprises. Efforts to uplift enterprise capabilities, and examples of published and upcoming standards and accreditation programmes to address key trends will also be shared.


Dr. Noriaki KANO

Honorary Chairperson,


Address 2

Quality for New Product Development towards the Second Quarter of the 21st Century

While we have been working on manufacturing quality in Asia for many years, these efforts are bearing fruit, and many companies have emerged to establish world leadership.

Towards the second quarter of the 21st century, not only we further strengthen this manufacturing quality, but quality for new product development will also become a major challenge for us.

For this challenge, it is necessary to explore the customers’ latent requirements that will delight customers, plan a product that reflects these requirements, and deploy them into the mechanism and specifications and then design a product. Then, the product is manufactured and used in the market, then its quality is evaluated, including claims, and the feedback data is collected and analyzed.

In this presentation, I will discuss the following three methods to enhance the quality for new product development in the above processes:

  1. Product planning by creating attractive quality using Kano Model
  2. Deploying customer requirements into product specifications by QFD
  3. Analysis of data that leads to problems in new product development using T-type matrix


Prof. Goh Thong Lee

Emeritus Professor of the

National University of Singapore

Address 3

Is there an antidote to VUCA?

Quality practitioners today are no longer in positions to handle established methods of generation of products or services, to operate with some accustomed infrastructure (such as labour and material supply, water and power provision, or transportation and communication facilities), to deal with familiar communities, known customer requirements, comfortable business practices, established political and social environments, accustomed market conditions, stable technologies, and so on.  Globalization, climate changes, political issues, technology breakthroughs, together with many sudden or unforeseen happenings are what corporations and individuals alike must constantly face nowadays and in the days to come.  Instead of assuming a sense of despair in the face of the resulting relentless volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, or what is called VUCA, it is possible to operate not just to survive, but to grow with sustained competitiveness – if the appropriate strategy and approach are taken.  In this talk, a framework in this light is brought up and explained, with the suggestion that good quality practitioners are in fact well placed to help overcome the challenges to be encountered in this changing world.

Prof. Tan Cher Ming,

Professor, Director of Research Center on

Reliability Sciences and Technologies

Address 4

In VUCA world, product failure is less tolerable to cope with the fast change and we must be able to predict its performance with confidence.  However, product is getting complex with so many parameters, including more variation in its operating environment.  Consequently, reliability assurance of products becomes challenges. In this talk, the limitations of the current reliability practice will be outlined, and a paradigm shift in reliability evaluation of products, namely a science-based reliability approach is evolved to meet these new challenges which will be demonstrated in this talk. This leads to a new discipline called Reliability Science and the degradation physics of products due to the complex interaction of the various parameters can be computed so that their reliability can be found BEFORE a product is fabricated.

Mr. Mike Turner, Head of Professions,

Chartered Quality Institute, UK

Address 5

Developing a working definition of Quality 4.0 

The world is already experiencing a transformation in the way in which business,    society and governments operate. It is largely being driven by digital transformation. 

The principles, practices and tools of quality management have proven to be of value   over many years, and yet leading experts, quality professionals and other managerial-level people expect them to be significantly challenged by this digital transformation

The CQI decided to invest in a research programme to address important questions concerning the future of the professional in the digitally-enabled age, with the purpose of helping professionals to develop the competencies necessary to thrive in this context.